Jeanette Quinn

Jeanette Quinn

Jeanette has worked in education for 22 years. Initially trained as a secondary school PE teacher, teaching for 8 years within a number of secondary schools undertaking middle manager’s leadership and management responsibilities.

She moved into PE specialist Advisory roles for Northumberland and then South Gloucestershire Local Authorities, working for South Gloucestershire’s Learning & School Effectiveness Service as a Teaching and Learning / Sport Development Adviser for 13 years. A diverse and far reaching role, focusing on enhancing the quality and opportunities within PE & Sport for all young people. Responsible for the Children & Young People’s Service’s “Be Healthy” Strand of the Children’s Plan and reporting at Directorate level on the PE & Sport National indicators. Line manager of a number of strategic lead officers and Chair / member of numerous local and regional Strategic PE & Sport Boards & Forums.

She has worked across the South West and West Midlands with a national organisation, in a physical activity leadership & development role working with schools, sports colleges and sport development teams. She is also a national PE & Sport Lead Trainer.

Jeanette’s areas of expertise are in PE & Sport leadership & management, health & safety advice, programme & event coordination (in & beyond school), training teaching & learning for adults and young people and collaborative partnership work.

Subject Specific and Generic Skills

  • Expert within field of physical education & sport teaching and learning.
  • Skilled in developing strategic leadership & management of personnel, programmes and projects within the wider remit of PE & Sport
  • Highly experienced in the fields of sports development, coaching, team building and leadership.
  • High level facilitator of forums and groups, effectively achieving identified outcomes on target. National Lead tutor, trainer and presenter in range of PE and related areas and audiences e.g. teachers, governors, other adults & volunteers.
  • Presenter at local and national PE & Sport Conferences.
  • Experienced within event organisation and management of resources.
  • Skilled in funding and programme applications.

What might support look like?

  • Curriculum support – primary
  • Planning, facilitation and delivery of PE & Sport related training
  • Project management, monitoring & reporting.
  • Developing leadership within teams and individuals
  • Identification and successful application for additional funding & resources.
  • Coaching and mentoring.


Jeanette's knowledge and experience of local and national issues, in relation to PE and Sport, were of great benefit in supporting the sports partnership over the period of time to the present day. She was able to bring a strategic leadership dimension to the work that was being undertaken in, not only the Yate partnership, but also in the complementary partnership within the local authority. She has an outstanding array of professional skills and qualities, in relation to PE and Sport. This has been gained over a number of years, working in a variety of roles. She has an excellent knowledge and understanding of local, regional and national issues in the PE and sport arena. Jeanette's particular strengths lie in the fact that she has developed a huge network of associates over a long period of time and can therefore support both individuals and organisations by identifying and signposting the next steps for them. Jeanette Quinn has a passion for partnership working, particularly how it affects the outcomes for young people, in relation to sport and physical activity.

R J Gilbert


Yate International Academy

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